The Channels on the Thorge Discord Server

Hello dear english speaking Person. Here is an explaination for you 🙂

The Chats

First thing first. The Chats! Here we have all the Chats and what there for!

German ChatnameEnglish ChatnameExplanation
#welcome-and-boostThe welcome Chat
#level-upThe Level-Up Chat
#good-byeThey left 🙁
#thorge-nachrichten#thorge-newsThe latest News from Thorge
#gaming-newsThe latest News in gaming
#everybody-votesHere will the Votes take place!
Soziale MedienSocial Media
#thorges-tweetsTweets and retweets from Thorges Twitter account
#thorges-instaPosts on Thorges Instagram account
#thorges-youtubeVideos, that are uploaded to Thorges YouTube Channel
#generalThe main Chat of the server
#spoilerPost spoilers to games and films here
#clips-und-videos#clips-and-videosHere you can post Clips and Videos from Streams.
#werbung#selfpromoPromote your content like Twitch/Twitter/YouTube here
#botsThe Chat for the Bots (Thorges Bot/Mee6/Rythm)
#farbwünsche#color-choiceSay what namecolor you want from all the 16.777.216 Colors
#vorschläge#suggestionsHave a wish? Something should change? Say it here!
#kunst-ecke#art-cornerYou are a good artist? Post your art here!
#memesYour 🔥🔥🔥 LIT MEMES must go here!
#nsfwYou have something Not Save for Work for some reason? Post it here!
#cringThere is something very cringy, you found on the internet? Post it here!
#emojitrainSpam emoji as much as you want!
#spamSpam anything as much as you want! (Yes there are 2 Spam Chats)
Voice Chats
#chat-zum-sprach-chat#chat-to-the-voice-chatThe Chat, where you wright, if you can’t talk in a Voice Chat.
sprach chatvoice chatThe main Voice Chat
streamingThe voice chat for streams
GummizelleIf you are anoying, you will be moved here!
#thorgelive-streamsA message will apear here, everytime Thorge goes live.
#other-streamsA message will apear here, if someone goes live, that Thorge likes!
Minecraft Java Team
#java-chatThe Chat for the Thorge Minecraft Java Edition Server! (
Java VoiceThe Minecraft Java edition Voice Chat

Rules and Info

Here are the rules for the Server!

👉 No Racism!
👉 No NSFW images other than in the #nsfw Chat!
👉 Listen to the mods!

You are a ghost for 24h (Time-Out)
Ban🔨 or a Kick👢!

!plan-mich: Everytime Thorge posts the “Multistreamplan”, you will get Pings
: Disables the Ping for the “Multistreamplan”! (default)
: You will get pinged, when Thorge goes Live!
: Disables the Ping, when Thorge goes Live! (default)
!english: Grant you access to the english general chat!

Social Media Links:

If you find any spelling mistakes here, report them to Thorge via the comments !

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